Ends on June 15, 2019

Before submission, please review full guidelines on the OVAC website.

Focus Entry proposals are accepted online only and must include:
__Title and Description of Proposed Project: No more than 350 words. The description of the project proposed should give as much information as possible in 350 words or less explaining the artist’s concept and proposed process.
Artists should prepare an idea for the exhibition knowing that it can be changed and/or developed. Working in meetings with the artists, the guest curator will ensure the artists create work appropriate for the gallery.
__Artwork Samples: 10-15 digital images or 10-minute video sample of past work

*Images: You may include both full views and details of work, but you may not submit more than 15 images. Images must be jpegs and no more than 2 MB each. The files must be labeled only with the last name of the artist and numbers that correspond to the numbered image list (For example: Smith01.jpg). No information other than the image should be included in the file.

*Media/Video/Film artist submissions: Please submit URL which links directly to a video with a maximum length of ten minutes, which may include no more than three work samples.

__ Artwork Sample Information: Image Info or Video Summary
Image info must include the title, medium, dimensions and year created. Video summaries should include a brief summary of each work submitted with clip length, title, year work was completed and applicant’s specific role per each work sample submitted, e.g. director, screenwriter, etc.
__Artist statement: No more than one page, submitted as a PDF.
__Resume: No more than three pages, submitted as a PDF